how we can WORK TOGETHER

I am uniquely positioned to accelerate the
growth and success of the brands I work with.

In a crowded marketplace, it’s critically important to clarify your brand’s voice, visual identity, and story—and then making sure your message reaches the right audience. Thanks to my depth of experience, broad skill set and vast network, I’m able to help companies reach a standard of excellence that sets them apart from the competition and forges a trusted relationship with consumers.

Content Strategy

By leveraging a nuanced understanding of both print and digital media, I have built a track record of helping businesses establish and execute a distinct editorial vision. Deliverables include: Developing a scalable, efficient multi-channel publishing process; Planning the content road map and editorial calendar; Generating innovation story ideas and angles; Assigning and supervising editorial projects; Liaising with cross-functional teams (marketing, advertising, commerce), to conceive integrated content campaigns that are differentiated, drive engagement and convert the average user into a loyal brand fan.

Event Hosting/Moderating

The success of any panel or event discussion depends on both the quality of the participants and the adeptness of the moderator (a task that is more challenging than it looks). As an experienced interviewer, moderator and event host, I know what it takes to facilitate a compelling conversation.

Media Representation

Through my many years appearing as an expert guest on television (see my bio [link] for the full list), I have cultivated the telegenic skills needed to tell a powerful brand or product story in mere minutes.  

Editorial Staffing

My discerning eye for talent has enabled me to build award-winning editorial teams. I can draw on my stable of top-tier content creators—writers, editors and visual artists—to help you build a best-in-class freelance or in-house bench.

Keynote Speaking

I can speak authoritatively on the topics of wellness, dating & relationships, career and women’s issues.

Book Titling

I have garnered a reputation for excelling at this random—but important—skill.